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Project management and project facilitation services

Outsourcing itself is absolutely useless unless you have strong project management systems in place to control and direct your freelance team. Our job is to make sure the right tasks are being handled by the right people and only the very best people are chosen to focus their complete attention on what they do best.

And it all begins with having an expert project manager on your side, one whose primary focus is on taking your projects from concept to completion, in as few steps as possible.

This is not just “outsourcing”. This is Managed Outsourcing, and it is the lifeblood of any successful business.

It starts with our Project Facilitation Team…

What we do for you…

  • Plan your projects, from start to finish
  • Find the best talent to handle the tasks
  • Manage cross-team collaboration
  • Train the freelancers on exactly how you want things done
  • Monitor the project(s) as they progress
  • Communicate with the entire team, religiously
  • Manage and enforce your deadlines
  • Check quality before you see deliverables

What is a Project Facilitator?

It’s important to understand the difference between a typical project manager and our very own Project Facilitators. These terms are often confused, and there’s a reason we choose to don the title of Facilitator, rather than a project manager.

We’ll use a real world example, to help clarify this, as it truly is a very important distinction…

Let’s say you needed to build a piece of software, and build a website to sell it from…

You would logically hire a software development company that seems qualified to handle the software build. You would likely be assigned a project manager, someone within that company who works for them, and is tasked with managing the various people who need to work on your software build.

Typical SalesmanThis person may seem like they are on your side, but the truth is that their employer is the company they work for, not you, and it is in their best interest to help you spend as much money as possible on that software build. Their actual job is to present you with as many expensive options as possible, so that your account is worth more money to their company.

However, as “helpful” as a project manager is, they cannot help you with the “big picture”, and their helpful role stops the moment you need anything done that is outside the scope of what their company can provide.

For example, if you later need content written for that software, like your user manual, you need to seek out another company, one that specializes in technical writing, and work with their project manager to get the user guide written. If you’re lucky, the two project managers will communicate and work together. In most cases, however, that isn’t what happens.

In reality, these two project managers are not interested in cooperating, because it is not in their company’s best interests.

Now, if you also need graphics design work done, you will again need to locate a company that does this, and go through the same process again.

Pretty soon, you find yourself in a situation where all project managers are adding more and more unnecessary tasks to the mix, each trying to increase their own revenue, and a project that started out simple enough is suddenly quite complicated and very expensive.

Our Project Facilitation service is set up to solve all these problems, with one simple set of “rules”.

Rule #1: We work for YOU, not the hired help.

When you retain us as your project facilitators, you’re hiring a team of professional managers whose only interest is in getting things done efficiently, on time, and within your budget. Our job is to plan the project in advance, go out and find you a selection of talented people (or companies) to choose from, communicate with them throughout the project and nag them if they need it, and make sure deadlines are never missed.

You aren’t hiring US to do the work. You’re hiring us to make sure the work gets done. Which brings us to Rule #2…

Rule #2: We don’t mark up service fees.

If you’re at all familiar with our history, you know that once upon a time, we sold project fulfillment services. We’ve evolved…

To make sure we are never even remotely tempted to sell you any services you don’t absolutely need, we focus 100% of our attention on Project Facilitation, and all freelance talent we find for you are completely independent of us. They charge you directly for their services, and we don’t make a dime on it. No markups. Period.

Rule #3: We handle the planning. You handle the stamp of approval.

Project planning is the most critical part of what we do for you. Choosing the right people to complete tasks is the easy part, once the plan is firmly established in advance.

From the moment you retain us as your Project Facilitation team, we put pens to paper and start creating your project plan. In some cases, this means we create the outline. In others, we create step by step blueprints. In still others, we define the project specifications. It all depends on what the project needs so that we can explain, to any freelancer you choose to do the work, exactly how to do their part of the project.

Ultimately, it is your project, so you get to give the final stamp of approval before we assign any task to anyone.

Rule #4: We manage the talent. You sign their paychecks.

After the planning stage, we put our resources to the test and find you as many talented people as you need, for each piece of the project.

For example, if you need a writer, we’ll find as many as we can, get quotes from them, check their background, and come back to you with the ones that met our strict standards. You pick the people you want to work with and we finalize the details.

We set up a collaboration area where all communications happen, and keep in touch with everyone on the team, religiously. We’re in charge of making sure no one misses a deadline or goes over budget unexpectedly. While we’re busy doing that, you can relax by the pool if you like. We’ll let you know when we need you to get involved.

And finally, you pay the freelancers according to the deal you agreed to with them. We’re not part of that process.

Rule #5: If anything gets broken, we make someone fix it.

Are all projects going to turn out perfectly right out of the gate? Of course not, but that’s why you’re retaining us to be on your side. We’re here for you and we care that each project gets done right.

So, if freelancers don’t do what they agreed to do, or deadlines get sloppy, it is our job to go back to the drawing board and find you an alternate supplier who is qualified to pick up the ball and run with it. In other words, we’ll find you someone who can finish up where the other one left off, as fast as possible.

We’ll be the ones who get tough when we need to, keep the lines of communication open, nag your team to do what they promised, and ensure that everyone enjoys the process if possible, especially YOU.

Your Project Facilitation team…

  • Understands what it takes to get projects planned and finished
  • Recognizes skilled talent, and can spot a fake a mile away
  • Can describe every project in detail, so things get done right
  • Can spot potential legal problems, like copyright violations
  • Can efficiently run a team of freelancers
  • Makes sure every project is on time, on budget, and of high quality
  • Can tell you when you’re asking for unnecessary tasks

What To Expect After You Sign Up…

  1. You are assigned a Project Facilitator within 24-48 hours of first payment
  2. Your Facilitator contacts you and gets some information
  3. You are provided access to our web based project collaboration system
  4. Communication begins and both you and your Facilitator discuss your current project needs
  5. Project planning begins and we craft your first project “blueprint”
  6. Your Facilitator researches to find a selection of possible freelancers to work on each part of the project(s)
  7. You choose who you want to work with from the available talent
  8. Your freelancers are granted access to the project collaboration area
  9. Work commences and the Facilitator maintains communication, answers freelancer questions, and keeps things on track
  10. As work is completed, your Facilitator ensures it is done according to your specifications, checking results before asking you to look at it
  11. You pay the freelancers directly, according to whatever deal you made with them, and we don’t markup their fees

Project Facilitation Team Fees

Our Project Facilitation team is comprised of a group of talented professionals, working together. You actually get multiple project facilitators for the price of one, each of us with our own special skills and specialties, and all working together to make sure your projects are handled right.

You are assigned one Project Facilitator who handles all communications, and your Facilitator connects all the parts together, by consulting with the team (and our CEO, Sylvie Fortin) to make sure every project is heading in the right direction.

How much does all this cost? Far less than you might imagine!

After all, if you were to hire a typical Project Manager with over 10 years experience like we have, you would have to offer a starting wage of at least $90K per year to even get their attention. (Plus benefits)

We base our pricing on what’s fair and affordable for you. All accounts start as an “On Call” account, and as you grow and your needs increase, your monthly service fee changes accordingly, as shown in the chart below.

Project Facilitation Team Fees

Need a dedicated project manager for large-scale, long term, multi-faceted projects? No problem. We can assign a single individual to your account full time, and you’ll just pay a flat monthly fee of $3497 to cover a maximum 120 hours per month.

Worried about budget overages? No need!

If your Project Facilitation team needs to put in more hours than your account type covers, we’ll let you know before it happens, so you can decide whether or not you want to upgrade your account.

We work 5 days a week (more only if it’s an emergency) and are on call 5 days a week for you.

Each month, you’ll receive a report on exactly how many hours was spent handling your projects, so you’ll know in advance if you need to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.

Ready to Get Started?

Welcome aboard, we’re looking forward to working with you!

Click the button to open a Project Facilitator On Call account. You start with the basic account, and can upgrade as your needs grow.

Upgrading Your Account…

If you are upgrading an existing Project Facilitation account, please select from the options below. (You must already have existing On Call subscription)

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