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Getting Articles Written From Scratch

Our Project Facilitation team does an amazing job training freelancers on how to handle the everyday tasks required for running a successful online business. If you’ve ever outsourced anything, you know it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Few people are born project managers.

Over the years, we’ve developed processes that help streamline the work that needs to be done, in a step-by-step fashion. To help you understand what it takes to manage a project, however simple it may seem at first glance, we’ve decided to let you take a sneak peek at one of our internal documents.

This document is one of our proprietary Outsourcing Blueprints, and we use it to help train our own Project Facilitation team on exactly how to get high quality articles written from scratch.

Blueprint: Getting Articles Written From Scratch

Free Outsourcing BlueprintNow you can download your own free copy of Outsourcing Blueprint.

It trains your freelancers on how to complete a simple, everyday task that almost all web based businesses need done for them, but few understand the multi-step process that goes on behind the scenes to get them written at very high quality.

This is the number one reason why many articles are written poorly online these days! Many business owners have no idea how to manage the article writing process, trusting the writers to be mind readers. (Hint, it isn’t possible.)

This method is particularly useful if you need to develop a lot of content (like for your blog, ezine, or newsletter) and want to base your articles on what real people are asking about online. This exercise is important, because it gives you a sneak peek into how your market is thinking about the topic, and what kinds of questions they are asking, in real time.

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