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Here's how we work and grow together

The Moment You Become Our Valued Client, You’re in Excellent Hands.

Our Customer Support Team Manager oversees all operations and is your primary point of contact. The Manager handles all issues related to your customer support center, including training, scheduling, management, and shielding you from communication overload.

The day-to-day issues handling is done by the support representatives. We assign your help desk to at least two support representatives who familiarize themselves with your business, your websites, your products, and your sales systems, inside and out.

The average support system is set up like this…

Each desk has two or more customer support representatives who work as a team to handle your support needs. They are supervised by our Customer Support team manager who ensures that everything is running smoothly and that all your customer support operations are being handled professionally.

As your business grows (our goal is to make sure it grows), you can expect that your support team will grow right along with it, and your support system will likely need an extra layer of management…

When your daily volume warrants it, we promote the best person on your team to management and this person is now responsible for ensuring that the team of multiple representatives handle your support system flawlessly, 365 days a year.

There are three main phases in getting set up with professional customer support…

Phase One: Customer Support Needs Assessment

The first step we take towards setting you up with your customer support is to determine the best system for your needs. Each client is unique and each has very different needs.

Some only need daily email dispatch. Others need Full Serve support as well. No matter what you need, we will customize your customer support solution to match your needs.

As soon as you complete the free Customer Support Needs Assessment, our Customer Support Manager will contact you to clarify your specific needs and make sure that we plan according to what will best serve your customers.

Once you’ve connected with our Customer Support Manager, and you decide you are ready for us to take the burden of daily customer support off your hands, you will need to start your monthly subscription so we can get rolling.

Phase Two: Support System Setup

Once we determine what your needs are, we will set up the help desk ticket and/or call system for you. This process can happen very quickly, usually within 7 days.

If you don’t already have a help desk ticket system in place, or the one you’re using falls slightly short of professional-grade systems, we will gladly set you up with the one we like best, on the house. Frankly, we developed this policy because we take customer support very seriously, and we would rather foot the bill for the best system we could find, to make sure your customers are served the right way.

Phase Three: Learning About Your Products and Customers

As soon as the system is set up, we immediately relieve you of your customer support and begin immediately responding to your customer’s questions. We handle a wide variety of common questions right away, without needing to consult you further. For less common issues, we will contact you directly to determine how you want us to handle them.

In the first few days and weeks, expect that you will hear from us more often, as the team will be spending that time learning about your company, products, and customers. But within a few short weeks, questions from our team will dwindle to nearly nothing, as we quickly learn and adapt to your needs.

If you authorize us to create your Knowledgebase and Email Templates for you, we build it as we work, ensuring that not only is your customer support being handled professionally, but the customer support desk can easily be handled by anyone on the team. We don’t leave your customer support to chance, and make sure that our representatives can easily fill in for one another on a moment’s notice.

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