Fee Structure

Our billing is simple and affordable

Customer Service Billing Is Economical And Simple…

The most common question asked by new customer support clients is, “How much can I expect customer support to cost?”

Our billing structure is simple and extremely cost effective. We charge our clients a scaled flat monthly fee, which is determined by how much time we need to spend working on your desk.

No two customers are alike, and no two customer support systems are alike either. We do not bill you according to email volume alone. This would be highly costly for you, and that isn’t what we want for our customers. Customers who have a high volume of emails may not necessarily need a lot of support. In many cases, high volume is a result of high spam hits, rather than valid incoming customer queries.

Warning! If a company charges you a low “per ticket” price, they are likely charging you for spam tickets as well as tickets that require a human response. But even when they strictly charge you per legitimate human response, the actual cost may be shocking…

The True Cost of Price Reframing

“Price Reframing” is what many service providers will use to disguise the actual price of what they are selling. Essentially, it means breaking a larger price down into smaller units to offset sticker shock.

Also known as “Price Fractioning,” the tactic is to break it down into its lowest/least common denominator in order to make the price appear smaller, when in reality it is not. Also colloquially known as “Cup-of-coffee Tactic,” i.e., “It’s only going to cost you $2.50 a day, that’s less than the price of a cup of coffee.”

This practice is very common for customer support service providers to use, and although it is not unethical, as would be the case if they suddenly started charging you more than they agreed to charge you, but it is certainly deceiving.

They do this because they know that most business owners will not take the time to sit down and do the math, and since you have very little point of reference to compare their rates to, it is easy to look at a low “Only $2 per ticket” price tag and think you’re getting a great deal.

So, to help make things perfectly clear and transparent, we spent a few hours comparing our actual rates with actual clients, to see what they would have paid if they had hired someone else to handle their customer support.

The Results Were Shocking!

We knew we saved our customers money, but even we didn’t realize just how much. Click this image to see exactly what we discovered when we did the real math…

Why Are We So Inexpensive?

We keep your costs low because it is in our best interest to do so. After all, we’re here to make your customers’ experience amazing, and we’re on a mission to improve your sales by making sure your customers are thrilled.

By doing this, and doing this well, we keep you happy, we keep our staff employed and happy, and as your business grows, so does our own.


We only bill according to how much time it takes to perform work for your customer support account each day. Since you choose the range of services you want us to provide, you stay in control of your costs. You can always start with fewer services and upgrade when you are ready. Make sure to choose according to your budget when you fill out your free assessment, and we can always scale back if you need us to.

Customer Support Rate Cards

There are two types of customer support personnel: General Customer Support and Technical Support.

Most of our clients only ever need general support for almost everything that arises in a help desk. Some of our clients have products that are highly technical in nature, and require technical expertise to respond to technical issues. Products like webhosting, scripts, and software require technical expertise for correct response.

If you aren’t selling anything technical, then you’ll likely only need general support personnel.

Click on the image below to access the current customer support rate cards for both general customer support and technical support.

Customer Support Rate Card
Technical Support Rate Card


Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly reports with accurate and detailed information about your account. No hidden fees, no hidden costs, no surprises! Each month, your account manager sends you the in-depth billing report. This way, you can be certain of exactly how much you are paying for customer support each month.

We believe in total accountability and this commitment to you is reflected in our help desk service invoicing and billing system. After setting you up with your client service account, we watch your account carefully to determine the average amount of time our team needs to spend each day, and set up a monthly subscription for the baseline average. This subscription can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, as your needs change.

Our Customer Support team manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of your customer support and for reporting each month. You will only ever need to communicate with one person…your very own customer support manager. This one person will handle all the details.

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