What Are Customer Support Services?

Here's more information about what our customer support service

Knowledgeable, Courteous and Literate Customer Support Staffing

We are YOUR…

  • Customer retention experts
  • Reputation managers
  • Loyalty enhancers
  • Complaint solvers
  • Refund reducers
  • Sales boosters
  • Solution finders

We specialize in providing customer support staffing for web-based business owners who understand that customer support is more than just “copy and paste”. Done right, customer support is the most important “back-end” selling machine you have in your sales arsenal.

It is just as important as the sales page, because once you’ve made a sale, keeping your customer happy means that you get to keep the money you made from the sale.

After all, what’s the point of making a sale if you lose it because you aren’t properly supporting your customers?

Our teams of customer support professionals represent you and your company on-line the way you deserve to be represented. Our highly trained customer support staff handle all the front end questions and answers, and assist your customers with personalized, friendly service. We make your business stand head and shoulders above your competition, by providing efficient, and effective customer support staff.

Our goal is to make you more money by helping you…

  • Gain new customers by providing pre-sales support
  • Retain customers by responding quickly to support questions
  • Improve customer relationships by spotting snags and correcting them
  • Decrease refunds and chargebacks by promptly solving problems before the customer gets irritated
  • Encourage long term customer loyalty and satisfaction by ensuring your guarantees are promptly honored; and
  • Increase your sales revenue by encouraging your customers to buy more from you

Our job is to free your time so you can do what you do best.

By providing your customers with the highest quality of client service professional support, you can focus your attention on developing new product lines or marketing your existing products and services.

All customer support representatives that we work with speak English as their first language, are well spoken, use proper spelling, and are highly literate.

We carefully train and screen each representative to ensure that you will never suffer the embarrassment of bad customer support. You deserve to be represented professionally!

We handle everything so you can do what you do best…and focus on being a business owner.

  • Pre-sales inquiries
  • Product support
  • Refund processing
  • Unsubscribe requests
  • Spam complaints management
  • Cross promoting
  • Technical support
  • Email, Voicemail, Live Phone and Chat
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • FAQ management
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Praise and Criticism reporting
  • User guide creation

Anything and everything that your customers need help with will be handled by the team, promptly and efficiently.

Now that you know why we do what we do so well, we welcome you to learn more about the service, the technology, and the people behind this very popular service.

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