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Location: Work At Home

Paid Social-Search-Display Advertising & Email Specialist [virtual]

The Paid Social-Search-Display Advertising & Email Specialist brings expertise in paid and organic social, content development, paid advertising and email marketing to assigned client marketing projects, and is accountable to the client to deliver superior results. This position encompasses the need for both strategic digital insight and tactical execution in the context of general business and marketing expertise.

To be considered for this position, you must have 2+ years paid and organic social media marketing experience with demonstrated outstanding results, 1+ year paid advertising (PPC, Display, YouTube) experience, 1+ year email marketing experience with documented exceptional results. Additionally, you must have certifications in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Agency experience is preferred.

This role combines five competencies:

  • Social media marketing (paid and organic) and social SEO;
  • Paid advertising knowledge, especially PPC, Display and YouTube;
  • Email marketing including lead generation and nurturing campaigns;
  • Client and project management; and
  • General business and marketing knowledge.

At full capacity, you manage numerous on-going marketing projects, including client management. Your pay would be comprised of salary plus performance-based quarterly bonus.

Your responsibilities would include everything from initial Implementation Interviews, to oversight of internal and external resources, to domain expertise task completion. It is imperative for you to be skilled at developing project timelines and milestones, work within project timeframes and complete work within allotted hours. Your day to day work would include tasks completed individually and work completed as part of a team, and you’d be engaged with a variety of disciplines, including SEO, Analytics, Paid Search, Web Dev specialists.

This is a virtual position, so only self-starters that are very disciplined and organized need apply. We are fast-paced, which makes juggling multiple tasks and self-management crucially important. For the hardy souls invited to join our team, there is some degree of flexibility in hours, dependent primarily on the needs of your assigned clients. After one year of service, up to five percent of your time may be used to assist the non-profit organizations you help select. This position requires continual growth of your knowledge and skills, and have enough interest in the discipline of online marketing to do this on your own time. All employees help our company by writing articles for internal and external blogs, making content updates to our corporate website, writing proposals, speaking at conferences and seminars, networking and referring new clients, etc. You must have a computer with the latest version of MS Windows OS and Office, including Microsoft Outlook, as well as sufficient internet capacity for a VoIP phone.

Outcomes: First Six Months

  • Develop and execute social paid / advertising programs to achieve client goals, including our target 20% YoY conversion rate increases and other performance-bonus goals.
  • Develop and execute email programs that achieve above-industry KPI measures of effectiveness and conversions.
  • Proactively manage client programs that may include multiple online tactics, critically evaluate success, identify growth opportunities, manage internal resources and interface with clients.
  • Lead client strategy development project sections from start to finish, including conducting fact-finding sessions, facilitating internal brainstorming, managing internal resources, deriving relevant insights, compiling reports and presenting findings to clients.
  • Participate as sale engineer in complex sales opportunities to demonstrate company knowledge, build credibility with the prospect and advance the sales process.

Job Requirements

Social Media Marketing | Social SEO

  • Expert understanding of social / user-generated content and how to develop, harness and leverage it for improved marketing results and inbound lead generation.
  • Expert ability to leverage social media to strategically build business beyond the basic level of content development and distribution.
  • Expert ability to design, develop, launch and optimize paid social marketing programs across all platforms that allow paid advertising.
  • Quickly discovers and explores new opportunities in social media marketing, including trending social platforms such as Medium.
  • Is a user of current popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, etc.
  • Consistently demonstrates a good understanding of search engine optimization theory, and is well-versed in trends and effective current methods.
  • Perform all aspects of keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities.
  • Possesses a reasonable understanding of the Google Analytics program.
  • Experienced in the use of a diversity of media and the technical implications of this (e.g. video, blended search, social search, mobile).

Paid Advertising

  • Ability to research, set up, monitor, and achieve specific conversion goals with search engine and paid advertising tactics on multiple platforms.
  • Technical expertise to solve AdWords/Bing problems with tracking codes, GA links, etc.
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEM and paid advertising.
  • Solid understanding of performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition.
  • Ability to research assigned companies on multiple platforms and using multiple tools, such as SpyFu, Majestic SEO, Google Adwords, etc, to develop a comprehensive business profile.

Email Marketing

  • Expert ability to develop HTML/text lead generation and lead nurturing emails that deliver high KPIs and that meet aggressive revenue targets.
  • Experience with at least one marketing automation platform such as Infusionsoft, Hubspot or Marketo, and is able to develop campaigns that deliver exceptional results.
  • Current knowledge of email laws, list acquisition and management and other logistical needs.

Marketing Content Development

  • Deeply skilled and experienced in persuasive, direct marketing copywriting for all types of business and consumer market segments.
  • Prefer experience with content for multiple devices as well as multiple platforms, including eCommerce, mobile websites and mobile apps.
  • Understands eye-tracking theory, can develop general wireframe layouts based on templates or ‘inspiration’ sites, and can direct graphic designers through the design process.

Client Leadership & Project Management Skills

  • Is able to communicate with each client at his or her level of knowledge, and sufficient such that it is clearly understood what we are doing and why.
  • Can lead client phone meetings in an organized and efficient manner, appearing both knowledgeable and credible in the interactions.
  • Manages well through conflict and is able to tell the client what s/he needs to know and not just what s/he wants to hear.
  • Understands the importance of ‘value perception’ to achieve client loyalty and can effectively help our clients understand the value of what we do for them.
  • Takes ownership, has strong initiative and is self-directed and can deal effectively with ambiguity, change and complexity.
  • Runs assigned client projects, including delegation to others, with minimal supervision.
  • Can create a strong project plan with goals, milestones and priorities.
  • Projects are completed on-time, with proper use of resources, and on budget.


  • 2+ years Social Media Marketing (both paid & organic) experience with demonstrated results.
  • 1+ years Paid Advertising (PPC, display, YouTube).
  • 1+ years client and project management experience, with ability to discuss your domain expertise credibly and persuasively with executives, owners and CEOs.
  • Certified Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
  • Good business acumen including understanding of various business models.
  • Strong understanding of theory and application of marketing fundamentals.
  • Understands of wide range of technical components (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, etc).
  • Preference for undergraduate degree with outstanding credentials.

Personal Characteristics

  • Strong organization skills in the context of managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Sufficient analytical and logical skills.
  • Is curious and a fearless learner who loves acquiring new knowledge.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills and excellent meeting facilitation skills.
  • Is collaborative and works well in a team environment.
  • Demonstrates superior leadership skills, confidence and a high level of maturity.
  • Strong attention to detail, but understands how to effectively apply the Pareto Principle.
  • Ability to occasionally work non-business hours to accommodate clients and partners.

Why we exist: To help growing companies become industry leaders such that they are the first and only option in the mind of their customers. We provide the surety of a big digital marketing agency, yet deliver results with the mastery, commitment, and passion of an in-house team.

An online marketing agency that creates an unique and powerful online presence for each of our clients so as to deliver extraordinarily high results. We specialize in developing high-conversion websites, strategies, paid online advertising of all types, search engine marketing and optimization, content & social media marketing, marketing automation programs and email marketing. As a company, we see our role as that of developing and maintaining deep knowledge about all things online, helping our clients become aware of new solutions that may benefit them, and helping them exceed their online marketing performance goals. We are nimble, we are fast and we deliver exceptional results. If you are a person that can fill these shoes, let’s talk!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $45,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

Required education: Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Social Media Marketing: 2 years
  • Paid Search: 1 year
  • Email Marketing: 1 year

Required licenses or certifications:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics

Paid Social-Search-Display Advertising & Email Specialist [virtual]

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