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Drop Your Goals (And Manage Your Life) by Michel Fortin is a book written over a decade ago as the author was going through some tough times.

The result is a powerful look at how to stop setting goals and to start looking at your priorities and values instead — called “guides” rather than “goals.”

It’s a bit spiritual and metaphysical in nature, so please read with an open mind. However, the strategies it offers are real and practical.

I highly recommend that your read this book, which is brought to you free, and start using the G.O.A.L. method outlined in the book, with templates at the end.

Some chapters are separated into several pages for easier reading and navigation. At the bottom of each page, you will find on the left links to other pages. On the right are links to the next chapter.

Happy reading!

"If people are not first internally driven to reach their goals, then other goals as well as other priorities will go by the wayside. People who focus strictly on goals usually compromise other more important things, such as health, family, relationships, job security, and so on. They procrastinate that which is more important in their lives and place quantity of time above quality of life. They generally get stressed out, burned out, or left out as a result."
— Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at, Inc.
A copywriter and consultant for close to 30 years, Michel was instrumental in selling millions worth of products and services. His most notable success is a salesletter that sold over a million dollars online on launch day. Today, Michel is a best-selling author, in-demand public speaker, and highly sought-after marketing consultant. Get his free report, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning," at

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