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Location: Work from home


[Company], a leading publishing house in non-fiction for teens, is looking for a fabulous contract editor. Our award-winning books are engagingly written, heavily researched, and often contain humor, little known facts, and pop culture references. We do books on every subject including health, school, cars, fashion, social issues, sexuality, romance, relationships, film, music, art, business, and the environment.

This a contract position for the content editing and line editing of one manuscript, but we hope to grow the position, as we are expanding. If this project goes well, there is a strong possibility of becoming a regular contract editor for us or even a staff member.

It takes a very special combination of skills to edit for [Company]. Here’s what you should have if you are applying:

1) Experience writing and editing feature-style nonfiction content for newspapers and/or magazines, or books similar to ours. We need an editor who knows how to edit (and write) lively and engaging content, but who also knows how to be a good, solid nonfiction editor, quick to notice places in a manuscript where logic doesn’t make sense, information is missing, or facts feel misrepresented. Our books can be thought of, from an editing perspective, as long, amazing magazine articles, and they need that sort of attention.

2) Modern world and pop culture savvy. Because we cater to a hip and youthful audience (think more edgy than teeny-bopper), we need an editor who knows what’s up with pop culture and this generation’s issues and lives. This doesn’t mean you should view the world with the eyes of a teen – our writers and editors feel more like advisors to teens than actual cohorts – but you should have a sense of what’s cool and what isn’t, when an expression sounds dated, or when an author is channeling the 1980s as opposed to the 2010s in his/her writing.

3) Love of teens. You have to love and be interested in our audience in order to edit our books. We work closely with teens in the making of our books, and you have to be open to their feedback on manuscripts. If you’ve had the opportunity to work with high school or first-year college students, this will be a big bonus.

4) Excellent grammar and line editing skills. Obviously.

5) Vision. Even though you wouldn’t be doing any developmental editing to start, it’s something that would be a possibility down the road. If you can look at a book and give ideas on what would make it better and more engaging, well, awesome.

6) Good bedside manner. We are a small team of people, and we really need a team player. You take direction well, are open to feedback and criticism, and are able to express your thoughts and opinions, even when they are in disagreement, in a way that is respectful, intelligent, pleasant, and enthusiastic.

7) Deadline oriented. Enough said.

Does all of this sound like you? If so, please send over:

a) a cover letter that states why you’d be a perfect fit at Zest and includes your salary expectations (please keep in mind that we are a small, independent publisher)

b) a resume

c) 3 samples of work you’ve written or edited (or links to them)

If possible, we prefer that ALL OF IT appear in the body of the email, in the above requested order, in addition to being sent in attachments. This makes our review process easier, and ensures that we can still read your materials even if the attachments don’t come through. Please make sure you have a look at our website before applying – [See URL below] – and get a sense of what we do. Thanks!

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