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Some testimonials from happy customers

The following is a sampling of some of our clients’ feedback. Remember that each client is unique and we mold our services to suit each person’s needs. Your experience here will be completely different from anyone else, and we welcome your honest feedback. Click here to tell us whatever is on your mind about your experiences working with us.

Ronin Ventures is a startup internet publishing company. I started by answering my own e-mails and performing my own customer service and was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of traffic and technical problems. Instead of being free to continue playing to my strengths, my efforts were increasingly being sucked up by all the details associated with developing an effective internet-based customer service organization.

The Workaholics4hire team immediately set up a world-class customer service machine. I had my own dedicated account manager who quickly became indispensable to my accelerating business growth. She freed me to concentrate on my core business! Thank you!

Once Workaholics4hire solved my customer service challenges, CEO Sylvie Fortin offered brilliant strategic marketing advice, top-shelf web-design services, and critical analysis for helping me better target my product to the customers who will value it most.

No matter what support I need, Sylvie has an incredible network of resources she is able to apply to my burning issue. Workaholics4hire is a force multiplier that allows me to compete with the major players on the internet. They are in the trenches with me everyday. I will never give them up. Their contribution to my company is beyond measure. Workaholics4hire is my strategic partner in the values I am committed to creating.

Jim Davis

Ronin Ventures

The customers for our downloadable eBooks are often in a high-stress situation and state of mind (facing surgery, a death in the family, or theft of their identity). This makes some of them a little cranky when they have trouble downloading!

In the beginning, I looked after all our Support emails myself … 24/7. That kept me from focusing on what I do best: content creation and marketing. Then I found an outsourcing service overseas. They had a great system, but had some problems with the nuances of English.

Finally, we discovered Workaholics4Hire and life became much simpler. Our assigned customer service reps, are well-spoken, quick to respond, proactive, and treat our customers with empathy and respect.

Outsourcing to Workaholics4Hire was a smart business decision!

Sheila Martin

Infopreneuring Life

Our experience with Workaholics4Hire has been terrific. They make every effort to work within our deadlines and often deliver well before the deadline. They are extremely knowledgeable and very thorough in their work.

Having our own Project Manager makes all the difference.

We only ever need to speak with one person, and she makes sure the freelancers working on any project gets everything done correctly. She checks everything herself and makes it seem like magic. Working with only one person takes away all the hassles of working with many different people, and I never have to worry about quality.

Any errors are corrected quickly and without extra charges, because our Client Service Manager personally fixes everything before she sends us the deliverables.

I don’t know how they manage to do all of this for the very reasonable price they charge, but I’m glad they do. I recommend Workaholics4hire highly.

Christina Winsey-Rudd

Dynamic Gold Mind Strategies

Workaholics4Hire delivers the promised results, every time. They are the best at what they do.

On many occasions I have needed additional help in my business, usually with tape transcription, but occasionally with other projects as well. Before I found Workaholics4Hire I had gone through hundreds and hundreds of resumes and worked with dozens of other subcontractors. Generally the experience was tiresome, expensive, and frustrating. Most were of no value to me at all, many wasted my time and money, and a few even damaged my reputation.

A few years ago I found Workaholics4hire, and thought “here we go again, someone else making big promises”. To my surprise, however, they delivered the results they promised, and even exceeded them. And in the intervening years I have come to rely upon them more and more, and they always deliver the results they promise. They are the best. From time to time, just to be sure, I check with others who offer similar services, but the others just don’t measure up.

The Workaholics4Hire folks are different. They are easy to work with, remove headaches instead of create them, and their work is top notch. For my money, Workaholics4Hire is the best.

Andrew Callahan

I just want to say “thanks” for the many ways Workaholics4Hire has helped me and my business. A few months ago, I was getting buried in customer emails, and many days they were very burdensome (and time consuming) for me. Since I turned things over to you, my business has become less hectic, more exciting and much more profitable!

Before hiring you, I was averaging 18% growth from month to month. Since hiring you, my business has grown a whopping 41% each month! Your services allow me to focus on what I do best – marketing!

Everything you have done for me has greatly exceeded my expectations! Keep up the good work!!!

Joe B.

Workaholics4Hire has been a great resource for my company. My Project Manager is great! All I need to do is tell her what I’m trying to accomplish and she does not need a lot of detail. She instinctively knows what I want done, and she makes it happen. It comes out perfect the first time, every time, and always on time.

Her team is is excellent with putting words together. All I need to do is scribble a few ideas and send it to her. When she sends it back to me, my reaction is always “Wow! It says exactly what I wanted to say, but with more panache, energy, and excitement than I expected”. I definitely recommend Workaholics4Hire for any project you need done.

Barbara Johnson

Before we started using their services, we were dealing with our own customer support emails, and let me tell you, it was getting out of hand! There were just too many to handle each day and we didn’t have time to build our business. We were just too busy dealing with emails instead of spending critical time on marketing and new product enhancements.

After we handed our customer support desk to them, it was amazing how much difference outsourcing made to our business! They handle all customer emails, technical support, and they do it with a professional and personalized approach. In fact, we’ve been amazed at how easily they were able to adapt their responses to our products and learn everything about what we do, including all the technical details. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!

Direct Net LLC

Workaholics4Hire has been an incredible resource for our firm. No matter what the project, we always get fast, reliable service. Workaholics is always my first choice when we need outside help on a project.

Eric Knapp

Franklyn Ideas

Sova Enterprises has been using the services of Workaholics4hire for many years. In that time, the staff at Workaholics have demonstrated a superior commitment to quality and excellence in all that they do.

And their ability to work to tough deadlines without compromising the end product has made their company our first stop whenever a difficult job comes our way. Without a doubt, a stellar services company!

Janet McSheffrey

Sova Technical Writing Services

Our company was experiencing unprecedented growth and needed help FAST. We searched the Internet and came upon three resources. After interviewing each one, it was very evident that Workaholics4Hire was the best company for the job.

Their expansive network of qualified workers allowed us to work with one of their best workers…only a few miles from our headquarter location. This was very convenient and lent itself to a smooth and flexible working “environment”.

Not only did (she) excel at all the jobs we gave her, she many times went the “extra mile” and became a valuable asset to our company.

So, if you want the premier company of resources helping you reach your goals, I can’t think of a better or more professionally run company out there than Workaholics4Hire. We’re sold on them and look forward to a continued and very beneficial relationship with them.

Jeffrey C. Dexter

Cost Reduction Services Group LLC

Working with our Project Manager was a wonderful experience. She was thoughtful, professional and very kind. Her work was terrific as was her attitude. She wanted to make sure we the client were completely satisfied with her work, and she worked hard to ensure that we were.

She did the work in a timely manner, and went above and beyond what we expected her to do. I will definitely use her again in the near future, for other jobs we take on.

Tanina Matheson

United Enterprises of America, Inc.

IPM’s experience with Workaholics4Hire during the two years we have worked with them has been nothing but exceptional. We have come to rely on their services for essential business processes, scalability when needed so that we always have expandable capacity without having to over-hire and incur excess overhead – and, recently, for direct communication with clients and employees.

We can always count on:

  • rapid turnaround of almost any assignment regardless of complexity or size;
  • accurate results – work is checked before it is sent to us and on the few occasions when there have been errors, they have been corrected rapidly, without dispute, and then procedures were immediately put in place to insure they would not occur again;
  • unusual attention to detail;
  • ability and (most important) willingness to execute detailed directions;
  • unusually high integrity.

What more can I say. I highly recommend this organization as an extension of your own.

Al Kesselman

Interactive Partners in Marketing

I had only planned on hiring two new employees, but these three were too good to pass up. I received quite a large number of resumes from a number of other telecommuting job sites — but the resumes that you sent me stood out above all the others.

So, thank you – I’ll be back the next time we have an opening!

Lisa Davis

I would definitely recommend Workaholics4hire for any type of help that you need for your business or as consultant to your marketing campaigns. I have worked with them for almost two years and they have been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and very knowledgeable in the internet marketing business. I was new in this business and I am not very familiar with the computer. It is thanks to Workaholics4hire that I have a successful internet business today.

They always deliver 200 % of what you expect and have been very helpful with every problem I had. They set me up with all my web sites, completely set up and ready for business. They are excellent writers and produced two beautiful ebooks for me. They set up my affiliate programs. They have, very simply, helped me with everything I needed to do business on the internet. I depend on them for everything.

I am completely happy with their work and performance, and highly recommend them to anyone. You could not find a more experienced and professional person than Sylvie Fortin, my Client Service Manager, to help you with your marketing business.

Anacleto Marchi

I have used your services in the past for blog directories submissions, and I just recently started using your webmaster on call service.

Prior to hiring my “on call webmaster” from, I had tried multiples of what I thought would be more economical options, like Guru, Elance, etc, in order to save the up front retainer fees you charge.

Now I wish I would have hired you sooner. It would have saved me a lot of hazard, time and money. The money you request is nothing compared to the quality and great service you provide.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for an excellent job.

Dr. Mayra Alfonso

My Project Facilitator immediately understood the requirements of my project, including grasping quickly my desired final outcome. She expediently identified all of the necessary steps to get there and demonstrated that knowledge through meticulous follow-up and extremely prompt responses to my email. Most importantly, she has made this process fun and stress-free. Be assured that Workaholics4Hire will be the first stop I make when embarking on projects.

Joshua Tukel

Workaholics4Hire helped me get a job: I was actually hired through Workaholics4Hire. That job was an important landmark for me: it established me as a software developer and enabled me to work from home, which was the realization of a 5-year-long goal. That job enriched my life, enabling me to spend more time at home with my family. Thanks, Sylvie Fortin (and!

Joel Helbling

I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful project manager. You trained her well. After several outsourcing failures it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone who gets to the bottom of problems, is assertive, and takes a load of stress off of my plate daily. Her communication is great. Although I’ve only been with you guys a couple of months the progress I’ve seen has made me a life-time customer. She never complains about my schedule and tackles tasks immediately even when I send a ton of them at once. I appreciate her hard work and wanted to take the time to make sure her superiors knew how much of a difference she is making for your company.

Have a great day and thanks again for such an awesome outsourcing platform.

Donette Snow

Triple Threat Investments

I tried doing the customer service myself for three years. What a nightmare! When hiring Workaholics I dreaded the training process but it was not the impossible task I had imagined. I appreciate all I can accomplish while they work customer service and I think they generate a much better customer response!

Darrell Klassen

Darrell's Golfing

Your bill does not reflect the tremendous value and peace of mind you all give us. If it were not for you, we’d be a jumbled mess.

Ken and Lynette Chandler

Tech-Based Marketing

Excellent job on everything! I haven’t received any complaints from anyone so far, which means I can simply assume everything is running smoothly!

Stefan Pylarinos

Project Life Mastery

Rated Workaholics4Hire 10/10 when asked how likely he was to refer us to others. His reasons for this rating were “Because of the excellent level of communication, and the high quality of work & attention to detail

Kelly Felix

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