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This section will give you a bit of insight into who our management staff are, and how we work together, each with our unique talents and skills. We can’t imagine why anyone would be interested, but since we’ve been asked a few times, we decided it was time we came out from behind our home computer screens and shared. 🙂

Sylvie Fortin (1969-2015)

Sylvie Fortin (1969-2015)


This company was founded by the late Sylvie Fortin, back in 1999, while she was still Sylvie Charrier, a young single mom of three kids on a mission to build something special.

She started this company on a shoestring, and since then she has helped her clients generate well over 28 million dollars exclusively online. She has also been responsible for thousands of people who are now working from home due to her efforts to introduce a bit of reality to the work from home market.

In 2006, she married Michel Fortin, who is considered to be the internet’s most profit-generating copywriter. (“My smartest decision ever,” she often quipped.) Michel and Sylvie Fortin often spoke on stage at events around the world. And they have coached tens of thousands of people all over the globe on building successful internet-based businesses from scratch.

In 2006, Sylvie experienced breast cancer, which ultimately took her life in early 2015. But during those long months of chemo and radiation therapy that followed her surgery, they were able to take some time off and still make money.

How was this possible? Because of the amazingly talented team of staff and freelancers that work here. Even Sylvie was stunned by how efficient and skilled her team was, at a time when she was unable to work to grow her business.

As it turned out, the training system she had built over the years to teach her staff how to handle all the day-to-day projects was the true secret to her own success, and she decided to leverage this knowledge in a very unique way to take to its next phase of growth.

Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin

CEO and Director of Marketing

Michel is the CEO of the company. Since Sylvie passed, Michel took over the reins and has since worked steadily to keep improving it while continuing his late wife’s legacy.

A direct response copywriter and marketing consultant for close to 30 years (online since 1992), Michel Fortin has an uncanny knack for writing persuasively.

He knows how to “grab readers by the eyeballs,” boost response to record rates, and transform floundering businesses into moneymaking machines. He was instrumental in selling over a hundred million dollars worth of products and services for a wide variety of clients, stretching hundreds of different and unrelated industries.

Dubbed as the “Roger Bannister of Online Copy,” his most notable success is a salesletter that sold over a million dollars online on its first day — a first of its kind, and a feat repeated many times since then by him and many others.

Michel can help take your business to the next level. His proven, battle-tested, scientifically measured strategies can significantly fire up your sales, fatten your bottom-line, plug costly leaks sucking your business dry, and excavate hidden profit goldmines tucked away in your business — regardless of the industry or economy.

Born with a minor physical disability and a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome, he was abused by an alcoholic, mentally-ill father. As a result, Michel lived a secluded childhood fighting an overwhelming fear of rejection. One day, he decided to fight that fear head-on by diving into the world of sales.

Naturally, the lack of any commissions and a young family to support drove him penniless, so he declared bankruptcy. His unique ability to write persuasively fueled his desire to succeed, so Michel began to write salesletters in order to attract qualified clients to him — not the other way around — so he no longer had to face rejection.

That small experiment was the pivotal moment in his career that would forever change his life. He went from a poor, bankrupt insurance salesperson to becoming the top sales producer for a Fortune 500 Canadian company, winning many awards and sales contests.

He’s also an best-selling author, in-demand public speaker, and highly sought-after consultant. Michel often speaks at conferences, bootcamps, and seminars around the globe — some charging as much as $5,000 a seat to attend.

He has shared the stage with the likes of: Jay Abraham, Harv Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for The Soul”), Joe Vitale and John Assaraf (co-authors of “The Secret”), John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson (author of “Guerilla Marketing”), Dan Kennedy, and too many others to list here.

On a personal note, he’s also an experienced drummer and plays occasionally around town. He’s also a competitive powerlifter and shares his weightloss journey on his fitness blog.

LaDawn Preuninger

LaDawn Preuninger

Lead Project Manager

LaDawn is our Lead Project Manager who heads up our Project Facilitation Team. She is the super talented management type who makes sure that all the pieces are held together, and has been known to use duct tape when required to fix broken things around our virtual office.

LaDawn joined the team originally as a part time freelancer, working on a couple of initial “test projects” at the time. After a while, it became abundantly clear that her talents were not being properly applied, and Sylvie started testing the range of her skills.

Her ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions, along with her determination and spunk has made her great at what she does.

It didn’t take long for her to rise to a management position here, and she has firmly established herself as an indispensable member of the team. (We probably shouldn’t say this publicly, or she will expect another raise!)

To our Project Facilitation clients, she is the person who makes sure that all the projects under her care are handled properly and as efficiently as possible. To our freelancers, she is the one who makes sure they get their paychecks, as she handles billings and all the boring paperwork.

To us, she is our “golden girl” and a very dear friend.

About Our Freelancers


Over the years, we’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of people from all over the globe. Each with their own special and unique talents. Each with something special to bring to the team.

All worked (and still work) in their own home offices. This company has grown dramatically with the help of our home based freelance talent, and as such, has grown faster and better than if we all had to work in an office.

There isn’t enough space here to list all the great people we’ve had the chance to work with, and all the amazingly gifted people who are still the biggest part of what we do.

But for the record…

You are all amazing, and we love what you’ve done with the place!

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