We Solve Client Overwhelm.

Inbox overflowing? Responding to customers by yourself is costing you more than you think. See if we can help you…

  • Handle client requests
  • Boost sales and loyalty
  • Solve customer complaints
  • Process and reduce refunds

Take this free, confidential assessment for a no-obligation estimate, or keep reading.

Let Us Take Over Your Customer Support. Fast.

Customer Care Agents

We offer simple, all-in-one customer service solutions for fast growing entrepreneurs, websites, and businesses. Use us as the first point of contact for your customers to answer questions, handle issues, process requests, resolve problems, and escalate only what we can’t resolve at the helpdesk level.

Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Literate Customer Advocates

With our trained team of customer support enthusiasts, we get up and running superfast. We create a web portal for your customers that matches the look and feel of your business, brand, or website. No need to install, learn, or manage helpdesk software. We take over your customer support emails and handle the rest.

But we don’t just respond to emails! We also..

  • Retain your customers
  • Manage your reputation
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Solve customer complaints
  • Reduce customer refunds
  • Provide practical solutions
  • Assist in complex issues
  • Boost sales and income
  • Promote other products
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses
  • And so much more!

We Put “Awesome” Into Customer Service!

Customer support is more than just copy and paste. Done right, it can become the most important backend selling machine in your business. Keeping your customer happy means that you not only get to keep the sale but also make more down the road — whether it’s from repeat business, referrals, or upsells.

Our North American team of customer support advocates represents you and your company the way you deserve to be represented. We handle all frontend questions and assist your customers with personalized, friendly service. We make your business stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Our goal is to make you more money by helping you…

  • Gain new customers by providing presales support
  • Retain customers by responding quickly to questions
  • Improve relationships by spotting snags and correcting them
  • Decrease refunds and chargebacks by promptly solving problems
  • Encourage long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Ensure your guarantees are communicated and promptly honored
  • Increase revenue by encouraging customers to buy more from you

Our job is to free your time so you can do what you do best.

You can now focus your attention on marketing your business, growing your company, and developing new products. We carefully screen and train each representative to ensure that you will never suffer the embarrassment of bad customer support. Anything and everything that your customers need help with will be handled by the team both promptly and efficiently. Here’s just a partial list of what we can handle for you:

  • Pre-sales inquiries
  • Product support
  • Refund processing
  • Unsubscribe requests
  • Spam complaints management
  • Cross promotions
  • Technical support
  • Email, voicemail, phone, and chat
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • FAQ management
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Praise and criticism reporting
  • User guide creation
  • Capturing client testimonials
  • And so much more!

How We Work (And Grow) Together…

Average volume helpdesk

High volume helpdesk

Your primary point of contact is the Customer Support Manager, who oversees all customer support operations. The manager handles training, scheduling, and managing your helpdesk, and shields you from communication overload.

The manager supervises at least two Customer Support Representatives assigned to your desk, who handle the day-to-day issues.

As you grow, we grow along with you…

As your business grows (our goal is to make sure it does), your support team grows right along with it.

When your daily volume warrants it, we add an extra layer of management by promoting the best person on your team to handle multiple representatives.


The first step is to determine the best system for your needs. Each client is unique. Some only need daily email dispatch, others need full-serve support. We will customize your solution to match your needs.

You start by filling out this free, confidential Customer Support Needs Assessment. We will contact you to clarify your needs and discuss how we can best serve your customers.

Once you’re ready for us to take the burden of daily customer support off your hands, you will need to start your automatic monthly subscription so we can get rolling.


Next, we set up the helpdesk for you, which takes less than a week. If you don’t already have a ticket system in place, or if the helpdesk you’re using is inadequate, we will gladly set you up with the one we like best.

We take customer support very seriously, and we would rather foot the bill for the best helpdesk system we could find to make sure your customers are served the right way.

We also have our in-house team of web designers create an online customer support portal to seamlessly match your business, your brand, or your website.


Once set up, we immediately relieve you of your customer support and begin responding to incoming queries. We handle a wide variety of common questions right away, without needing to consult you further.

For uncommon or complex issues, we will escalate them and contact you directly to determine how you want us to handle them.

In the first few days, expect more questions from us as the team learns about your company, products, sales systems, and customers, and as it adapts to your needs. Eventually, questions will almost disappear.

Helpdesk Included at No Extra Charge.

lightbox workspaces Customer AdvocatesWe prefer to use web-based helpdesk systems. No server re-configuration required. It’s easier to switch your customer support operations seamlessly with no interruptions to current email flow. We do it all from behind the scenes!

Are you using an existing helpdesk system?

We can work with what you have. However, we strongly encourage using Cerberus Helpdesk. We have a longstanding relationship with them, have hundreds of customer support clients using them, and work closely with their technical team.

Their system is fast, reliable, upgraded often, fully supported, and customizable. Once you hand over your customer support to us, you’ll quickly recognize the value behind the many powerful features.

More important, this online system allows staff training, tracking, and reporting. We can easily assign and manage 2, 5, or even 50 online client service professionals to one client email helpdesk. The system is completely scalable to the ticket and email volume your desk receives, so your hands are never tied. That’s why we cover the cost and pay for the monthly hosting for our preferred helpdesk ourselves (minimum $252 value).

Speed, Accuracy, and Total Accountability.

red-number-1Our preferred helpdesk technology ensures we only bill you for the time it takes to work on your account. It takes the guesswork out, and our remote customer support representatives are always aware their responses and time are completely trackable.

red-number-2The helpdesk assigns a ticket number to each incoming customer support email. This allows us to track the history for any email address, simplifying personalized support and making background information available at-a-glance.

red-number-3As we learn about your company and policies, we can create modifiable templates and knowledgebase articles that allow us to respond to some of the most common questions and issues both quickly and efficiently. This translates into major cost savings.

red-number-4Finally, by pre-programming email templates that are pre-edited and spellchecked, we ensure all customer service representatives respond to all client support requests in the same way. This thereby maintains consistency, accuracy, and professionalism.

Simple, Super-Economical Customer Service.

warningWarning! If a company charges you a low “per ticket” price, it will cost you more down the road because they are likely charging you for spam tickets, too. But even when they strictly charge you per legitimate human response, the actual cost may be shocking.

Our billing structure is quite simple. We charge a scaled, flat, monthly fee determined by how much time is required to work on your desk. No two customers are alike, as no two customer support systems are alike.

We do not bill according to email volume alone.

A high volume of emails may not necessarily require a lot of response-required support. In many cases, some queries are spam or redundant (such as newsletters and updates). Many service providers will disguise the real cost by breaking a larger price down into smaller units to offset sticker shock.

This common practice is called price reframing.

Colloquially known as the cup-of-coffee tactic (i.e., “less than the price of a cup of coffee a day”), providers will break a price down into its lowest or least common denominator, making services appear less expensive. While not unethical, it is misleading and can lead to sudden, unexpected charges down the road. With little point of reference to compare their rates to, it’s easy to look at a low per-ticket price and think you’re getting a great deal.

How We Save You Money. A Lot of Money.

price-reframingTo make things clear and transparent, this graph compares our rates with actual clients to see the cost difference on a monthly basis. We’re 60-75% cheaper than most foreign customer support providers.

You can start small and grow from there.

We only bill according to how much time it takes to perform work on your account each day. You choose what you want, so you stay in control of your costs.

You can start small and upgrade when you’re ready. Choose according to your budget, and we can always scale back if you need us to.

Our Customer Support Rate Cards.

Customer Support Rate CardThere are two types of customer support personnel: 1) General Support and 2) Technical Support. Most of our clients only ever need general support for almost everything that arises in a helpdesk.

If your products are technical in nature (like web apps or software), they require skilled expertise to respond to technical issues. Otherwise, you’ll only need general support help.

Rates depend on time spent, not tickets solved.

The volume scales according to how many hours your desk requires each day. They are labelled as:

  • Trickle (up to three hours a day)
  • Stream (up to six hours a day)
  • River (up to 10 hours a day)
  • Flood (10 hours or more a day)

Click on the image to enlarge and see our current customer support rate cards for both general customer support and technical support. Rates are billed via monthly subscription, and they can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time.

No Hidden Fees, Costs, or Surprises!

We believe in total accountability.

We watch your account carefully to determine the average amount of time our team needs to spend each day, and set up a monthly subscription for the baseline average. This subscription can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, as your needs change.

Our Customer Support team manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of your customer support and for reporting each month. You will only ever need to communicate with one person. This one person will handle all the details.

Ready to start? Before proceeding, please ensure that your business and products are acceptable and that they comply with our terms of service.


Complete The Customer Support Needs Assessment

Take about 10 minutes to fill out the free, confidential, no-obligation Customer Support Needs Assessment. It helps us determine if there’s a fit and how we can best serve you.

Our Customer Support Team Manager will then contact you to clarify any details and come up with a customized plan for you. We will:

  • Discuss and go over our customer support agents;
  • Collect all the information we need to set things up;
  • And get an understanding of your products and services.

If it doesn’t open, open the free, confidential assessment in a new window.


How to Set Up and Start Your Subscription

We require a one-time, non-refundable $200 setup fee to cover our initial setup costs. This is not for the software as we pay that cost for you, but to cover the time we take in setting up the account, work groups, email filters, initial response templates, online support portal, and mail servers to come through the desk.

Unless specified beforehand, all new accounts start with the smallest, basic “Trickle” level. You can upgrade at any time once we get an idea of what your typical volume will be. We will determine a more approriate equal billing rate plan once we analyze your first month’s account activity, based on our rate chart.

All major credit cards accepted. Order safely and securely.

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