This morning, one day after my birthday, mom died peacefully at home surrounded by friends and family. It’s the best birthday gift because she suffers no more.

It was truly an honor to be there for her.

She allowed me to give back to a person who gave so much of herself, and to discover a part of her I never knew.

She was selfless until the very end. Even when in constant pain, as she struggled to swallow and drifted in and out of consciousness, she was still thinking of others.

She was always making sure she paid for any of her expenses, always asking about others, always stopping short of asking for help for fear she would be an imposition.

Mom’s memorial service will be held at St. Mark church, 160 Principale, Gatineau (Aylmer sector), Québec, on November 4th at 10 am. Family members will receive condolences starting at 9:30, and snacks will be served after the ceremony.

A huge thanks to Sylvie Fortin. My rock. My family’s rock. And my mom’s rock. Most of all, thank you mom for this gift. I love you. Always.

Lonely rivers flow, to the sea, to the sea. To the open arms of the sea. Lonely rivers sigh, “Wait for me, wait for me.” I’ll be coming home, wait for me!