Work-At-Home Jobs Listings

work-at-home-job-listingsIn 1999, was one of the very first 100% free work at home jobs databases, and to this day, there is only one other that was around in those days that still exists. (And even that one started charging a membership fee after a while.)

Many other free work at home job sites have come and gone over the years, each one with good intentions, but each one didn’t last long (or they had to start charging a fee to access it), for one simple reason…

Their primary business model was strictly advertising supported.

Our database is provided free of charge as a public service, and we have every intention of keeping that service alive for as long as we have members who support our sponsors. We aren’t getting rich off the ads, I can assure you. But, clicking our sponsor ads does help us pay the rent and cover our costs, so we appreciate it.

But ads alone would not have kept us in business all these years…

Our primary business model is to provide services to our clients, and that’s where we make the majority of our money. It keeps us running and it keeps our staff employed.

The database is provided to you as a convenient repository of real homebased jobs that we find online, check for validity, and we post links to those job ads for our members.

And it is also how we post our own internal job listings whenever we need to hire talented folks to work with us.

Our jobs database has gone through a few changes over the years, as technology and software caught up with what we wanted to do.

Now, our database is set up in three primary categories…

External Job Listings

Our researchers scour the web daily for home based jobs that are found in a wide variety of sources, such as blogs, job listing sites, company websites, classified ads, etc. This is the category that you should focus your attention on if you want to see what we’ve found for you online. Check this daily, because jobs like this are tough to find and they go fast.

Internal Job Listings

This password protected category is where we post our own internal job listings and notifications whenever we are holding a hiring spree. We only work with home based contractors, so if you’re interested in working here (or with one of our clients), this is the category you should check regularly. However, all posts like this will be password protected and are only available to current members. The only way to get the password is to become a member and be notified by email, so please make sure you are on the member notification list which gives you the current password for these postings.

Archived Job Listings

Job listings are not completely deleted from our system if they have been filled or are no longer available. We rely on our work at home community to inform us if and when the External Job Listings need to be archived, then we change the category to Archived Job Listings so that if you’ve applied for a specific position and are wondering why you haven’t heard back about it, you can always check the listing here to see if it’s been archived. We have found this to be the most effective way to ensure that our members always have the most current information, easily available.

Job Type “Tags”

On each job listing, you will find keyword “tags” right under the job title. Clicking on these tags is a nifty way to zoom in on the exact job type you’re looking for and finding other positions similar to the one you’re viewing.

So, please feel free to surf around and remember to check back daily for new job offerings. You never know when the perfect job listing is posted that suits your lifestyle and skills.